Successful Marketing to Women Campaigns

It’s one thing to understand marketing to women in theory, but Cherri Prince has 20+ years of hands-on experience leading new thinking about women coupled with applied insight and proven successful marketing to women campaigns.

SPECIAL K Successful Marketing to Women Campaigns

Cherri can tell you anything you’d possibly want to know about women and their relationship with weight. She led the Agency team in helping Kellogg grow the Special K brand exponentially—both inside and outside the cereal category.

With her keen insight and actionable presentations like “The Seven Deadly Sins of Special K Marketing”, Cherri rallied the entire cross-functional team (from Marketing to R&D to Sales) behind a brand architecture that had the needs and frustrations of weight-managing women at the center.

Today, the Special K franchise is so much more than a box of cereal. It continues to thrive as a cross-category mega-brand with bars, shakes, hot cereal, waffles, breakfast sandwiches and more. The brand is a legitimate player in the broader and growing $20 billion weight loss category.

Successful Marketing to Women CampaignsRICE KRISPIES

When the Rice Krispies brand was at a crossroads after 10 years of decline, the team turned to Cherri’s LeoShe work to find the answer. Could the only cereal that “talks” credibly fill one of the three key universal needs of moms? In this case, the need was moms’ desire (but perceived deficiency) at spending quality, relationship-building time with her kids.

The campaign “Childhood is Calling” elevated Rice Krispies to become a way for moms to spark simple, meaningful connections. The insight that today’s busy moms need simple ways to connect with their child, led the team to an idea that leveraged the brands point of difference with a highly relevant emotional benefit. The cereal that “talked” gave moms a moment to “teach” their kids to stop and “listen”. This connection insight also led to an integrated promotion that encouraged more frequent Rice Krsispies Treats making together during key holiday occasions. After a decade of decline, Rice Krispies over-delivered the business goal by two-fold, and outpaced the category by ten-fold.

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Successful Marketing to Women CampaignsSECRET

What do you do when one of the most recognizable slogans of all time is completely irrelevant to the key growth consumer? Ditch it? Maybe. Cherri led a full exploratory on “feminine strength” and the relevance of feminism to young women when she led the Secret brand strategy team.

Ultimately the answer was evolutionary vs. revolutionary. Take “Strong Enough for a Man But Made for a Woman”, a completely modern idea when launched in the 70s and evolve it to meet the new, more empowered attitude of today’s young woman. The transformed slogan, “Strong Enough for a Woman” and the brand essence of “female fearlessness” was born and results followed.

Successful Marketing to Women CampaignsINTERNATIONAL DELIGHT

When the original liquid flavored creamer was looking for a way to better connect with it’s female audience (which is about 70% of the brands’ users), Cherri led the Agency team on a grande-sized insight exploratory into what motivates and energizes female coffee drinkers.

Along the way, the team discovered that what was previously thought of as a brand weakness–our seven-syllable, hard-to-recall brand name–could actually be an asset.

When we observed and talked to women about their coffee habits, we discovered how incredibly personal and ritualistic it was. She perceived the way she made her coffee delicious, in this case with flavored creamers, was totally and incredibly unique to her—like an extension of her identity.

This was the inspiration for the integrated marketing idea, “What’s Your ID?”—a more accessible and easily recalled nickname for International Delight. The campaign features the brand’s enthusiastic, #1 fan who’s on a mission to convert coffee drinkers to find their own sweet, delicious ID.

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