Cherri can tell you anything you’d possibly want to know about women and their relationship with weight. She led the Agency team in helping Kellogg grow the Special K brand exponentially—both inside and outside the cereal category.

With her keen insight and actionable presentations like “The Seven Deadly Sins of Special K Advertising”, Cherri rallied the entire cross-functional team (from Marketing to R&D to Sales) behind a brand architecture that had the needs and frustrations of weight-managing women at the center.

Today, the Special K franchise is so much more than a box of cereal. It continues to thrive as a cross-category mega-brand with bars, shakes, hot cereal, waffles, breakfast sandwiches and more. The brand is a legitimate player in the broader and growing $20 billion weight loss category.

Our Special K business has been growing significantly as we’ve expanded into new solutions and strengthened communication effectiveness. Our ability to crack creative briefs is also much better, driven by stronger insights and connection to the brand.
Cherri’s ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Special K Advertising’ presentation gave us a very clear and provocative steer on what NOT to do, as well as what to do differently. Not only was it effective to get us on the road to more effective Special K advertising when Cherri created it several years ago, it is an evergreen piece of thinking that we still use today.”
– Kim Miller
Senior Vice-President Marketing
Kellogg Global Brands

On Special K, we partnered on a strategic piece of consumer research that led to a “day in the life” of a weight manager. The research identified key consumer insights by daypart that allowed us to tailor our messaging to specific, and very real consumer (weight management) issues. The initial net result of this work was a strategic shift in the frame of reference for the brand – from weight mgmt cereal to weight mgmt brand. It facilitated the partnership and planning from a total brand perspective. The lasting impact of this research is that it continues to fuel the brand’s communication and innovation planning even today (nearly eight years later).”
– Marisa Thompson
Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Planning