When the Rice Krispies brand was at a crossroads after 10 years of decline, the team turned to Cherri’s LeoShe work to find the answer. Could the only cereal that “talks” credibly fill one of the three key universal needs of moms? In this case, the need was moms’ desire (but perceived deficiency) at spending quality, relationship-building time with her kids.

The campaign “Childhood is Calling” elevated Rice Krispies to become a way for moms to spark simple, meaningful connections. The insight that today’s busy moms need simple ways to connect with their child, led the team to an idea that leveraged the brands point of difference with a highly relevant emotional benefit. The cereal that “talked” gave moms a moment to “teach” their kids to stop and “listen”. This connection insight also led to an integrated promotion that encouraged more frequent Rice Krsispies Treats making together during key holiday occasions. After a decade of decline, Rice Krispies over-delivered the business goal by two-fold, and outpaced the category by ten-fold.

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Cherri is able to balance the brand’s interest and a firm commitment to doing right by women at all stages of their lives. I would recommend Cherri if you’re seeking to unlock important insights or inspire your team to re-think the way you think about women.
– Amy Henry
Vice President / Youth Insights
C & R Research

Having partnered with Cherri Prince for more than 10 years, I can say that she’s unequivocally “THE” expert on getting to the heart of what makes women tick. Time and again, Cherri uncovered insights and developed strategies that led to game-changing, business-building results. There’s a reason why she has so many success stories to share…. Cherri possesses a very unique skill set.”
– Chris Julcher
Creative Director
Purple Strategies

Clients and colleagues alike most value Cherri for her smarts, her commitment and her candor. She’s never without a POV and her passion never waivers.”
– Tracy Bussan
(Former) SVP / Account Director
Leo Burnett USA