When the original liquid flavored creamer was looking for a way to better connect with it’s female audience (which is about 70% of the brands’ users), Cherri led the Agency team on a grande-sized insight exploratory into what motivates and energizes female coffee drinkers.

Along the way, the team discovered that what was previously thought of as a brand weakness–a seven-syllable, hard-to-recall brand name–could actually be an asset.

By observing and talking to women about their coffee habits, the team discovered how incredibly personal and ritualistic it was. The insight was as simple as it was true: a loyal flavored creamer user perceives that the way she makes her coffee delicious was totally unique to her—like an extension of her identity.

This was the inspiration for the integrated marketing idea, “What’s Your ID?”—a more accessible and easily recalled nickname for International Delight.

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Cherri ‘s unique creative thinking nourished the rich connective tissue on our brands. She dependably drew from her leadership experience from 20+ years at Leo Burnett, informing a rich connection with the women whose purchasing power built the Silk, Horizon and International Delight Brands.”
– Dale Hess
VP / Creative Director
WhiteWave Foods

The impact of Cherri’s strategic leadership was far reaching. One of our brands achieved the highest copy test scores in the brand’s history and increased base sales by double-digits. Another client launched their most successful product innovation to-date. Yet another was able to sustain their leadership position despite being a premium priced brand in the midst of an economic downturn.”
– Jennifer Martindale
(Former) VP Account Director
Leo Burnett USA