Marketing to Women: Insight Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Marketing WorkshopsWith 23 years of real-world experience successfully marketing brands to women, Cherri Prince is an ideal speaker to bring in to open eyes and minds to new paths for growing your business.

Cherri’s style is engaging, informative and actionable as she shares what she’s learned about the “female culture” married with her personal stories of successfully building brands for them.

Basically, Cherri distills her decades of experience into a two-hour session. She shares insights on:  how men and women are different (besides the obvious ways!), how not ALL women are the same, and how to win with women you must THINK about your business the way a WOMAN does.

These sessions are ideal for:  Brand Teams, Marketing Departments, Executive Teams, Innovation Groups and Insights/Consumer Research Departments.

“Cherri and I co-created a presentation entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Insightful People” to be presented to all of the Kellogg Marketing and Agency teams. What was outstanding about working with Cherri was creating an interactive presentation that the audience participated in and learned by DOING. This one presentation created a series of fresh new consumer insights. More importantly, it created a thirst for gaining more insight into our “consumers” among all marketing talent.” 


Phil Hamner


Kellogg North America 

“Cherri is a great presenter.  She’s very comfortable, insightful and engaging in front of a small room or a large group conference setting.” 

Kim Miller

Senior Vice-President Marketing

Kellogg Global Brands