Marketing to Women: SheSearch™Tools

Marketing to Women Research ToolsIn the US alone, $9 billion is spent on market research each year.  The majority of it is spent on market segmentation, back-end validation, tracking or concept optimization.  These methods typically involve Internet or phone surveys, focus groups with moderators and glass walls, or location based intercepts.

When it comes to building brand relationships with women, the problem with those methods is what they lack—relationship.  It’s imperative you and your team actually, literally have a relationship with her—that you know her like you know a sister, your wife or close friend.

How do you get that?  

We call it SheSearch™.  These tools are high touch and low tech.  They’re highly experiential and highly effective learning activities.  Learning research shows that we retain 10% of what we hear, 50% of what we hear and see and 90% of what we hear, see and DO.  SheSearch™ is all about adding in the DOING.

SheSearch™ puts the people that steward a brand or business face-to-face with the women who matter most.  We create the environments, stimuli and discussion topics that arm your team with the ability to truly step inside her shoes and into her life.

The results from SheSearch™ tools are completely different from traditional market research.  We don’t deliver 99-page written reports only to be filed away and forgotten.  We provide internalized understanding of the unfiltered, unbiased, real-world truth and work with your team to apply it IMMEDIATELY.  You’ll learn the good, the bad and the ugly about feelings, frustrations, unmet needs and annoyances about her experience with your brand, your category and even your competition.

Imagine how motivated and focused for action your entire organization will become when they have that kind of insight.

“I would highly recommend Cherri Prince for any insight work but particularly work where you want insights through a new creative experience. Plus, not only will you learn, you will enjoy the process!”
-Phil Hamner
Kellogg North America


“Cherri knows what will win the hearts and minds of female consumers.

Her vast knowledge of research, coupled with her razor sharp instincts, make her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to understanding consumer behaviors and how to change them.”

Jennifer Martindale

(Former) VP Account Director

Leo Burnett USA