Innovating and Ideating for Her

Innovating and Ideating for Her
A shocking 95% of new products launched every year FAIL. Women make or influence 85% of all consumer purchases. So, succeeding with her is key to success in ANY category. Really understanding her unmet needs, problems and frustrations with your category is critical to success.

(Did she really need Jimmy Dean’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Sausage on a Stick? Or, Heinz Green Ketchup?)

Bring Cherri in with her years of experience in creative problem solving and design thinking to customize and facilitate a very focused session for your innovation challenge and category.

The deliverable?

Needs-based concept ideas designed to get the key decision maker (women) to buy. Look no further than Swiffer or Tide-To-Go to appreciate the power and simplicity of grounding the innovation process in the truth of her unmet needs.


“When it comes to understanding women, their consumer behavior and linking that to brand innovation, Cherri Prince is the person you want leading your team!”

Tracy Bussan
(Former) SVP / Account Director
Leo Burnett USA


“Cherri galvanizes the teams she works with, making a marketing objective feel like a mission!”

Amy Henry
Vice-President/Youth Insights
C & R Research


“I would recommend Cherri Prince for any female-specific issues or opportunities…moms, Boomers, young women.  Cherri brings a wealth of experience and insight to new product development and fresh commercial ideas.  You won’t be disappointed!” 

Kim Miller
Senior Vice-President Marketing
Kellogg Global Brands