HerFriend™ Groups

Herfriend GroupsA key barrier to real insight into women is a sad and debilitating condition, called Chronic Focus Group Addiction, or CFGA.  There is another way—we call it HerFriend™ Groups.   We recruit one woman (that fits your particular audience needs) and have her “recruit” four or five of her friends to join us in the comfort of her home, office or dorm room.  There we have a real conversation—not an interrogation or forced-choice quiz.  We’ve found, especially in sensitive or typically “guilt-ridden” topics, like beauty or money or parenting, nothing gets to the “truth” better than a woman with the support and accountability of her girlfriends.

On top of her incredible strategic leadership, Cherri is such a warm, compassionate person. She’s one of those people who energizes and lights up any room. 

If you’re someone who’s looking to get thought-provoking insights and have a ton of fun along the way, I’d highly recommend working with Cherri.”

Elizabeth Brown
Planning Director
Energy BBDO

I have had the pleasure of working with Cherri Prince on a number of research and consulting projects over the past 15 years—all designed to help brands deeply understand, connect with and activate their female targets. Cherri is simply one of the best mentors, partners and strategists I have ever worked with.”

Amy Henry
Vice President / Youth Insights
C & R Research