Fast Focus Strategy Development


As the old adage goes, time is money. Every day that an organization is not optimizing and maximizing their efforts for the women’s market is a lost opportunity never to return. Bring Cherri in to collaborate with and to energize your team to make progress fast. Cherri’s process is designed to not re-invent the wheel, but to take a fresh look at existing strategies, programs and research with her experienced women-centered lens.

The deliverable?

Actionable strategies in a fraction of the time. This approach leads to focused, implementable ideas inspired by insightful strategies to grow your business with women.

“Cherri takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. She has an innate talent for taking what we have learned, and crafting it into something memorable, provocative and fresh.”

Kim Miller
Senior Vice-President Marketing
Kellogg Global Brands

“Cherri is equally as passionate about business strategy as she is creative strategy, making her an instant ally to both CMO’s and creative directors. 

Cherri is also a great storyteller. She’s able to uncover a brand narrative that makes sense, inspires people to think differently and leads to results.”

Jennifer Martindale
(Former) VP Account Director
Leo Burnett USA