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The Power of Social: How’s her “Selfiesteem”?

Thanks to the ubiquity of social media, when it comes to beauty, it’s likely improving. Dove just launched a new short-film called Selfie.  It premiered earlier this month at the Sundance Film Festival and the 3-minute version has already amassed millions of views on YouTube.     There are two powerful insights when it comes […]

Top 7 Picks for 2013’s Best Branded Content for Women

It’s that time of the year when everyone is making annual “best of” lists.  Well, not wanting to feel left out, I was compelled to compile one for marketing to women. My criteria to make the list was pretty simple: Is it insightful? Does it compel people to want to share, and in doing so […]

Marketing to Women By Intuition

I was flying home from a new product innovation workshop a week ago and sat next to a delightful woman.  I was tired from a long day but somehow she sensed I tend to be more of an extrovert (even though I did not say a word) and could use a chat to re-energize. Well, […]

A Top Draft Pick for Marketing to Women? Cover Girl

The 55 years-young Cover Girl brand teamed up this season with the NFL to be the “official beauty sponsor of the NFL.” What a play! The NFL counts 185 million Americans as fans, based on ESPN polls of those who self-identify as interested in the sport. (That’s nearly 60 percent of the U.S. population.) […]

Five Insights into More Effectively Marketing to Women

I think we’d all agree that men and women communicate differently.  It’s almost so obvious it’s often overlooked when thinking about marketing and advertising brands.  A myriad of movies, plays, songs and even self-help books have been written about this very topic (Remember the mid-90’s global best-seller, Men are From Mars and Women are From […]