Brand and New Product Positioning

While the fundamentals of Brand and New Product Positioning are the same regardless of gender, like it or not, winning over women requires MORE rigorous illumination. She rewards brands with functional superiority. She is able to connect emotionally to brands, IF you can find that relevant and credible emotional truth. Her innate contextual thinking puts brands in frames of reference you may have never even considered. Plus, just like personal relationships, she expects brands to stay true to a set of beliefs and values–some that reflect her own, and some that reflect the beliefs and values she aspires to hold.

If you think there’s no room for improvement, look no further than the research that shows an astounding 91% of women say, “Marketers don’t get me”. Bring Cherri in to collaborate with your team on articulating a more women-centered audience definition, frame of reference, benefit and point of difference.

The deliverable?

A brand positioning that will guide, ignite and unite the brand, and anyone on the team that’s tasked with generating ideas, products, services or experiences for women.

When it comes to really ‘getting’ women and moms there are few people who understand these consumer groups better. Cherri Prince is someone who’s always looking to go a level deeper — and that’s just part of why I believe she’s such a strong strategic partner for anyone lucky enough to work with her.”

Elizabeth Brown
Planning Director
Energy BBDO

“In 2009, the Eggo brand faced relevance issues in the frozen breakfast category. Cherri Prince helped us shift the target consumer from kids to moms.  She then helped us identify the entry point to mom, while leveraging the consumer trend of personalization into a modernized twist on “Leggo my Eggo.”  The result was a new brand campaign that drove reappraisal of the Eggo among moms.  Results of the new campaign delivered strong sales +8.6% base dollar growth, +1.7pts of HH penetration and higher brand equity metrics.” 

Marisa Thompson

Vice President/Marketing, Planning & Strategy