About Cherri Prince

About Cherri PrinceSince 1990, Cherri Prince has been the strategic brains behind building some of the most successful brands that market to women.

Cherri Prince led the strategy development behind three straight years of double-digit growth for Kellogg’s Special K, Rice Krispies and Silk.  Cherri has been awarded five Effie Awards (the ONLY award in the ad industry based on marketing effectiveness), including two Golds.

Cherri was instrumental to the successful launch of numerous new products marketed to women including:

  • Special K Protein Shakes and Meal Bars:  Slimming SlimFast down to the #2 position in a market it owned for decades, and establishing Special K as a legitimate player in the $20 billion weight loss category.
  • Silk PureAlmond:  Milking the dollars away from the $12 billion dairy milk category and growing Silk at a pace nearly 10X the food and beverage industry average.
  • International Delight Iced Coffee:  Energizing the refrigerator section of the store with a new category that shattered all sales objectives and was named to IRI’s 2012 New Products Pacesetters List for sustained new product success.

“Cherri Prince is a leader. When she talks you listen, because you’re always going to learn something new. She has the unique ability to take high-level strategic thinking and drill it down in a way that ensures everyone in the room understands.”
Tracy Bussan
(Former) SVP / Account Director Leo Burnett USA

In 1998, Cherri (Patel) Prince co-founded LeoShe, an innovative agency within Leo Burnett designed to unlock new insights into women.  Through her leadership role in LeoShe, Cherri honed unique strategies to challenge how marketers think about specific female-relevant topics.  The results of the initial study, “Bone Deep:  What Beauty Means Today”  concluded with recommendations that brands embrace a more values-based view of beauty. Other LeoShe studies covered emerging mom segments and needs, women on-line and Baby Boomers.  Insights Cherri and the LeoShe team unearthed have been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and ABC’s “The View”.

Cherri’s contributions to understanding how women think and act in the context of brands and advertising landed Cherri a consulting role with the creators of the 2000 hit movie “What Women Want”  starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. Gibson’s character humorously captured Cherri’s agency role of “getting inside a woman’s head” in creating effective advertising.

With this unique, proven and applied knowledge on how to most effectively market to women, Cherri started The Cherri Prince Company.  The mission is simple:  unlock brand’s potential with the women’s market through insight, innovation and ideas.

Cherri’s enthusiasm for learning, applying and sharing human insights in an entertaining and engaging way started with her early professional experience. In 1990, she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Marketing and moved “up north” to begin her career at Leo Burnett Chicago.  There she quickly became the “team shrink” who eagerly decoded what makes women tick, on brands like Cheer, Secret, Luvs, Pepto-Bismol, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Green Giant and more.  Over her two decades with Burnett she personally talked to hundreds of women in their homes, coffee shops and on the street about topics from beauty to health to the Internet to parenting in today’s modern world.

“I place Cherri Prince high on my list of trusted career colleagues, and would recommend her guidance and ingenuity to any brand builder.”
Dale Hess
VP / Creative Director
WhiteWave Foods

Today, Cherri’s forte is in helping businesses to uncover the TRUTH about women and their relationships, feelings and frustrations with a category, brand or competition.  Cherri believes that only the pure, unvarnished, unfiltered truth can lead to breakthrough new insights that unlock new game-changing business opportunities.

Like most women, the line between Cherri’s work and home side is often blurred and tightly interconnected.  Even Cherri’s family members enhance and illuminate gender-based insights.  Her husband, Frank Prince, is a private consultant to numerous Fortune 500 senior executives including the President of Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine, the ultimate bastion of male culture.

She also has her own living and breathing “gender-studies” project in raising her son and daughter.