Do you think of your brand as a women’s brand? Most marketers of consumer packaged goods and beauty care products recognize the importance of women. But did you know women account for 85% of ALL U.S. consumer spending and make or influence 65% of new car purchases, 89% of banking decisions and 80% of all health care decisions? The truth is most categories today are driven and influenced by women, not men. And this is only expected to grow in the future.

Marketing to women successfully needs proven insights and ideas that build relationships, that in turn build brands. Cherri Prince is an expert consultant in building brands with women with years of proven marketing strategies and human insights.

From creating the first female insight consultancy within a global ad agency, LeoShe, to transforming Special K from a cereal to a multi-category powerhouse, Cherri has the experience to apply to your brand and business challenges and the proprietary methods to help uncover insights to be successful.

Cherri Prince has spent her career building brands and increasing sales among female consumers. The insight Cherri provides will empower you to market to women in a way that will increase your brand’s emotional, cognitive and financial share of the largest, most lucrative, most active market of all: Women.